Most of us are busy enough with daily life. This can quickly become overwhelming when you add the task of disposing of one’s possessions. Sorting, organizing, displaying, and conducting an estate sale can be emotionally and physically draining, regardless of the reason for the sale.  

Below are some reasons why you should choose BandC Treasures Estate Sales to sell your possessions:

Have you ever tried to sell most/all of your possessions? Sure, many of our clients have had experience doing garage sales, but an estate sale is much bigger. We are able to relieve you of the stress and burden of selling your items on your own. We routinely organize, set up, and sell estates, typically on a limited timeframe.  

We provide our own materials: tables, displays, shelves, pricing stickers, signs, and other items to set up the sale. In order to attract buyers, the sale needs to look appealing and organized. Nice, clean, presentable items insures a greater chance of selling at the best possible prices.

Setting up for an estate sale does not happen in a few hours or overnight. The process can take several full days’ of effort to organize, merchandise, price, and then sell the items. For larger estates, the process can take even longer. 

Almost every single item in the estate will be priced prior to the beginning of the sale date. We understand the market and what the fair market value should be for items. Overpriced items may be left behind and could become donatable items. Underpricing items won’t place as much $$ in your pocket. An important aspect to keep in mind is that we do not have any sentimental attachment to these items. It can be difficult to let go of items that have deep, personal attachments. 

Highly collectible items: 
There may be items that are highly collectible or more valuable, and should not be included in an estate sale. We can still assist you in selling these items by using alternative methods to generate more money. One option would be for us to sell them on eBay. We have sold and shipped over 500 items in the last few years. Another option is to use a local internet-based auction company with whom we have an agreement. Included in an upcoming auction are several expensive pieces of artwork from one of our previous sales.

Depending upon the size of the estate, dozens to hundreds of photos will be taken of the items for a sale, as well as a written description of the items. The sale will be advertised using various methods.

We have a group of professional buyers who purchase items at our estate sales on a recurring basis. These buyers will pay fair market price for items, and they constitute the bulk purchasers of our sales. Their patronage helps in our success of getting items sold at a sale.

Sales Days: 
Most sale days will occur late in the week, and part of a weekend. Generally, we are continually busy throughout each one of these days. It is a non-stop frenzy, from the time we open until the time we close. On a regular basis, we will write hundreds of invoices during the sale. During occasional downtimes, we are continually rearranging and cleaning the sales area to keep it looking presentable.  

Negotiation is a critical part of the last day of the sale. People will come wanting a deal, but items should not necessarily be given away. When dealing with these buyers, we keep the estate in mind and try to sell items at the best possible price. At the same time, we deal with these customers, not you! Rarely do we ever contact our clients during the sale time. 

Clean Up: 
At the end of the sale, we can give you options on how best to handle the sale “leftovers.” These options include: simply leaving the items to dispose of as you wish, bulk sale the remainder, or donation. The last option is to do a total “cleanout” and removal of the items, as we have the resources available to do this in a quick and efficient manner. 

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