and C Treasures, LLC is a family owned, Pueblo West-based company. We have both lived in the area for 25+ years. For many years, we worked in construction sales and the real estate/construction industry, respectively.  
One of our parents passed away in 2012, leaving a large estate with many collectibles. This was our first experience with the estate probate process and what it entailed. After months of trash removal, garage sales, and listing items on Craigslist, we finally emptied the house. Even though the process was long and tedious, we enjoyed the re-sale aspect of vintage and collectible items.  
From this first estate process, we embarked on opening B and C Treasures. We attended estate sales, garage sales, auctions, and visited antique stores to purchase items for re-sale on eBay and Craigslist. Soon, we met many in the business: owners of estate sale companies, re-sellers, and other collectors who showed up at estate sales. Today, we have sold hundreds of items on eBay alone. To this day, we can proudly say that no item has ever been lost or broken, nor have we received any negative feedback from our customers.  
The last of our parents passed away in 2014, again leaving another estate to process. Being a little wiser this time, we understood the process. We hired the same attorney to begin the estate probate process again. We quickly completed a pre-sale cleanup and inventoried the personal property for probate. Next, we hired one of our favorite estate sale companies to sell the bulk of the estate. After the sale, local donation companies were contacted to remove the unsold items from the estate. We chose to keep this property as a rental. The house needed to be updated with new paint, new carpet, and a thorough cleaning prior to renting. The first person who looked at the home signed a lease, and is still in the home today!  
After completing the second estate, we chose to expand B and C Treasures by renting booth space at the Loralie Antique Mall (formerly the Irongate Antique Mall) in Florence, CO. At first, our booth space was a small 9x9 area, just to "test the waters.” Today, we rent over 175 sq. ft., continually striving to maintain a pleasant and professional booth. It is a profitable way of reselling our larger items.  
Another chance encounter with our estate attorney has allowed B and C Treasures to evolve and expand once again. He was searching for someone reliable who would assist estates with more than just simply conducting an estate sale. Unbeknownst to him, we had already been contemplating starting an estate sale business. 
After completing many estates sales and attending hundreds of sales/auctions, we understand what makes certain ones successful, and what makes others average. It is this knowledge and experience that we bring to you, to assist you and your family through a very difficult time. We want to make this process as smooth and timely as possible. 

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