Starting out with passing of a family member and now dealing with an estate can be a very emotional situation. Here are some helpful tips for the personal representative who is just starting out:

  • DO NOT throw away anything that might be sell able.   Things like towels, clothing, dry goods, and cleaning supplies sell very easily in an estate sale.  Almost every sale we will find something that is collectible and it seems like a common object.  At the same time, items that were collectible in the past may not be today.  A good example of that is depression glass.  Once sought after, now usually remains even at the end of a sale.

  • DO NOT have the carpets cleaned prior to an estate sale.  Although we do our best to keep the home clean and safe, there will be a fair amount of foot traffic during a sale.

  • To avoid unnecessary headaches for both the PR and the estate sale company, plan to place the home on the market AFTER the completion of the estate sale.  Once a contract has been agreed upon and a closing date has been set, you will limit your time frame to sell and get rid of the items in an estate.  In turn, many items will have to be liquidated at a much lower price due to time constraints.

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